Videotelling: YouTube Stories for the Classroom by Jamie Keddie

Videotelling: YouTube Stories for the Classroom

An e-book for teachers
  • 45 video-based lesson plans for waking up even the quietest students in your classroom.
  • Perfect for primary, secondary, and English language teachers (including CLIL contexts).
  • Step-by-step instructions to get students listening, thinking, collaborating, communicating, problem solving, and making videos of their own.
  • A useful appendix with practical advice on how to develop your own storytelling skills, make use of video cameras, and much more.
  • Suggestions for subject teachers for linking stories to curricular subjects (mathematics, science, psychology, art, citizenship, business, etc.).
  • An accompanying website with links to all videos.
  • Beautifully illustrated and designed for a great reading experience.

Note: This is an EPUB format ebook. It is suitable for reading on iPhones and iPads (iBooks), Android devices (Google Play Books) and PCs. However, it is not suitable for Kindle Readers or the Kindle app. For the MOBI version (for Kindle) please visit the website.

What's included?

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Read what people are saying ...

“A vital book for educators – a critical approach to online video and an accessible introduction to the subjects of media and visual literacy.”
Dr. Paul Martin Lester, author of “Visual Communication: Images with Messages”
“Storytelling reinvented for a generation raised on YouTube.”
Alan Melikdjanian, creator of the Captain Disillusion YouTube series
"This book will make you look forward to your Monday morning lessons.”
Marga Homar, English language teacher
“A brilliantly practical series of lessons to liven up any classroom.”
Ben Goldstein, author of “Language Learning with Digital Video”
“In 'Videotelling', Jamie leaves his classroom door wide open – you experience his stories as his students would.”
Nick Bilbrough, storyteller and author
“An invaluable book for teacher development – a handy set of tools for novice and experienced teachers to develop their classroom communication, and storytelling skills.”
Nicola Meldrum, teacher trainer

Jamie Keddie

Storyteller, story trainer, Oxford University Press author