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Videotelling images

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What you get ...

35 high resolution images from the book Videotelling: YouTube Stories for the Classroom.

By the fabulously talented artist Danny Butcher.

Images are from the to complement the following stories:

  • Something unexpected (Introduction)
  • Feeding time (Chapter 1)
  • Eagle eyes (Chapter 1)
  • Lepus arcticus (Chapter 1)
  • An audition (Chapter 2)
  • Lambs to the slaughter (Chapter 2)
  • Can't hug every cat (Chapter 3)
  • A man, a woman, a vase – (see below (Chapter 3)
  • Pogo and the mystery object (Chapter 3)
  • Worst best man (Chapter 3)
  • A story of real estate and death (Chapter 4)
  • Zweir's new toy (Chapter 4)
  • Splat (Chapter 4)
  • The woman with the big heart (Chapter 4)
  • OMG! WTH? (Chapter 4)
  • Left on the shelf (Chapter 4)
  • I love watermelon (Chapter 5)
  • The Kuleshov effect (Chapter 5)
  • Love and chaos (Chapter 5)

6 things to do with these images

  1. Use them to introduce a story or reinforce student comprehension.
  2. Make poster prints for your classroom wall.
  3. Display them on a classroom projector.
  4. Put them into your Power Point presentations when giving talks and workshops.
  5. Include them in your VLE, LMS, class blog, etc.
  6. Get a Videotelling tattoo on your back and encourage your students to do the same.

Jamie Keddie

Storyteller, story trainer, Oxford University Press author