Story course by Jamie Keddie

Story course

A multi-modular course for language teachers from LessonStream. Created by teacher trainer and Oxford University Press author Jamie Keddie. 

Your stories are your best lesson plans

In this course, you will:

  • Learn how to use story and storytelling to engage your students and get them thinking, speaking, reading, writing, problem solving and more.
  • Get story-based teaching ideas that you can use in your own classroom.
  • Develop your storytelling skills and confidence and help your students do the same.
  • Become part of a community of like-minded teachers.

What you get: 8 modules; 45 posts; 30 story-based lesson plan; 30 videos; 15 podcasts; 15 handouts
Jamie Keddie is a storyteller, teacher trainer, and Oxford University Press Author.


One: Introduction and exploration
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Experiment in storytelling
1.3 Your internal narrative
1.4 Teacher-centred storytelling?
1.5 Teacher-led storytelling
1.6 Meaningfulness
Two: Finding your stories
2.1 Your weekend story
2.2 Contagious stories
2.3 Stories from email and texting
2.4 Stories from images
2.5 Stories from materials and media
2.6 Stories from artefacts
Three: Developing your story
3.1 You had to be there?
3.2 Story parts and story structure
3.3 Finding your meaning
3.4 Finding your meaning (Part II)
3.5 Narrative hooks
3.6 Stories on video
Four: Story texts and scripting
Introductory podcast
4.1 Story texts as language input
4.2 Story texts as language input (part 2)
4.3 Stories written, stories spoken
4.4 Adapting and rewriting texts
4.5 Story scripting
4.6 Notes and story pathways
Christmas stories
Four: Student comprehension and engagement
5.1 Understanding comprehension
5.2 Images
5.3 Familiarity
5.4 Story items
5.5 The curious story of François Gouin
Six: Teacher talk techniques
6.1 Reading aloud from a text
6.2 Six essential teacher talk techniques
6.3 Dictation
6.4 Actions and gesture
6.5 Instructions
Teacher talk checklist
Seven: Maintaining an interactive dynamic
7.1 Questions from the teacher (part 1)
7.2 Questions from the teacher (part 2)
7.3 The Storyteller's Challenge
7.4 Questions from students
7.5 Storytelling gap fill
7.6 Interactive instructions
Interactivity checklist
Eight: Stories from students
8.1 Stories from students
8.2 Stories from videos
8.3 Using art
8.4 Drawings
8.5 Stories on video
8.6 Stories from the group
Lesson plans
Lesson plan index
Other lesson plan PDFs
Webinars and events
Webinar #1 (June 2018)
Webinar #2 (July 2018)
Webinar #3 (August 2018)
Open mic: Misunderstandings
Chris Rose (guest): "Story mazes"
Open mic: Stories about books
Webinar: "Story connections"
Claire Venables (guest): Young learners
Webinar: "Teacher talk techniques"
Q&A session
Nicola Meldrum (guest): Receptive skills
Open mic: "In the days before the internet"